DeVore Law Firm



The DeVore Law Firm is a litigation law firm focusing primarily on land and property rights issues, oil and gas litigation, and civil litigation. We represent individuals and businesses throughout Oklahoma and provide practical and compassionate legal guidance on complex matters. The DeVore Law Firm, a Professional Corporation, was established in 1982 with the notion that our clients come first. We are continually forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones with our clients.

Our trial attorneys handle a wide range of high-stakes litigation, including eminent domain and property rights litigation, natural resource and energy production disputes, commercial law disputes, contract disputes, class action litigation, and more.  Our law firm advocates on behalf of farmers, ranchers, business owners, residential owners and other property owners facing the threat of an eminent domain taking, the loss or damage to property rights, and disputes related to oil and gas agreements, among many other legal challenges.